Taking a (Spring) Break

I take my breaks seriously. Very seriously. In the past, I’ve written about using time off to prepare for the semester and even the value of taking time for yourself during the day to improve mental health. In this post, I’d like to talk about spring break in particular. This year for break I went to Outer Banks, North Carolina, with a few friends to enjoy the beach, explore, and relax. Arguably the most important components, however, were the number of emails I responded to (1) and the number of homework assignments I attempted (0). This a purposeful, critical step towards having a successful end to my semester.

Me at the Wright Brothers National Memorial in Outer Banks, North Carolina.

In the weeks leading up to break, I had taken particular care towards completing assignments ahead of time, as well as understanding exactly what would be due the week after the break. That way, after planning for it, I could work towards taking a full break when I went away.

Being able to unplug was not only refreshing, but also a great way to recharge before heading into the challenging final month and a half of the semester. I’m now also able to take a look at the work ahead with fresh eyes, and have even found that planning for the work ahead is easier after having taken this time off. As a college student, finding time to relax can be difficult (as there is always something you could be doing). I encourage you to value your personal time, especially when the university helps to plan it for you. Talk soon.



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