Preparing for Final Exams

As May rolls around, college students and high schoolers alike are feeling the stress of exams. Preparing for final exams is half the battle to success, so today I wanted to provide a few tools that have really helped me succeed.

  1. Prepare in advance

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    It is never too early to begin preparing for exams. Makings study guides, attending review sessions, and hosting study groups are all great ways to succeed in advance. Even something as simple as gathering and organizing your notes will help you remember material. Personally, I like to organize my notes by chapter and makes timelines and indices for each class.

  2. Take study breaks

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    While it is incredibly important to take time and study, it is equally as important to take breaks. On the same note, be sure to exercise regularly and eat full, balanced meals. During finals week, the local gyms and fitness centers are often packed, so don’t be afraid to take your exercise routine outside for an outdoor run, yoga, or lifting!

  3. Prepare mentally

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    On the day of an exam, there is not much more studying you can do. Rather, it is time to prepare mentally. Begin your morning with cardio. Studies show that cardio before an exams leads to higher scores. Follow up your workout with breakfast. If you aren’t normally a breakfast eater, don’t stuff yourself just because you have an exam, but be sure to fill your stomach so you can fully concentrate on the exam material. There is really nothing worse than a growling stomach during a test.

These three tips are fool-proof and student tested (by me, of course). If you have other study and exam tips, comment below! Good luck with finals, and have a wonderful summer.


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