Interested in Transferring to Illinois?

So, you’re interested in transferring to Illinois. This is a great place to start in order to ensure that you have all of your bases covered. In this blog, I’ll discuss the transfer application process as well as some really helpful resources for students looking to transfer to Illinois.

Do Your Research

Requirements for transferring vary depending on your credit level and intended program of study. Our Transfer Handbook lists all of our required and recommended courses as well as any minimums in terms of GPA or credit level, while our Transfer Requirements Directory gives you a quick overview of course and GPA requirements. If you took AP, IB, or A-Level exams, you can also review our credit equivalencies.

If you are a current in-state student, you should reference iTransfer.


If you’re wondering which of your courses will transfer to Illinois, look no further than Transferology! Transferology will help you determine which courses transfer to Illinois, while planning guides show you how your transfer credit can be used in an Illinois program of study. If you don’t see your course listed on Transferology, it doesn’t mean that it doesn’t transfer; it just means that nobody has ever transferred that course before. If this is the case, we may request a copy of your syllabus, so I would recommend holding onto those through your time at your current institution.

Please note that the documents listed on Transferology don’t constitute a contract between you and Illinois, and that transfer credit for fine art skills courses are subject to audition and placement exam or portfolio review. If you have questions about general education requirements you can also email us at

Open/Closed List

Before you apply, you’ll definitely want to confirm that your intended major is currently considering applicants at your level. To do so, you can view our Open/Closed List.


Now that all of your prep work is done, you can look more into the application process. Our application for Spring 2019 opens on September 1 and closes on October 15, and our application for Fall 2019 opens on December 15 and closes on March 1, with an early action deadline of February 1. We do have rolling admission for transfer students, meaning it’s likely that the earlier you apply, the earlier you will receive your admission decision. For Spring 2019, you should hear by November or December, and for Fall 2019, you should hear by March or April. For more information about how we review transfer applications, visit our website.

Hopefully I’ve answered any questions that you have regarding transfer admission here at Illinois. If not, feel free to leave a comment and I will get back to you as soon as possible. Finally, don’t stress out too much during the transfer application process. Stay relaxed (just like this cat)!



Transfer Recruitment Coordinator, Undergraduate Admissions
I help transfer students navigate our application and admission process. I have a background not only in admissions but also in financial aid. I'm originally from southeastern Michigan.


  • Hello Zoe, I would like to know where can send my high school transcripts to UIUC?, There is a specific physical address where I can send my transcripts? (I’m a transfer student)

  • Hi Sergio,

    Your college can send your transcripts directly to the Office of Undergraduate Admissions at 901 West Illinois Street, Urbana, IL 61801.

  • Hello Zoe,
    I was curious if a freshman with 15 credit hours would be able to transfer into ACES for the spring semester of 2019? Thank you!

  • Hi Zachary,
    It depends on which major you’re interested in and whether you would have the course requirements in progress or completed when applying. I would recommend taking a look at our Transfer Handbook (linked above). It provides information regarding required and recommended courses, minimum GPAs, and minimum credit levels for transfer applicants.

    Zoe Kudla-Polay