Can’t Visit Campus? No Worries…We’ve Got You Covered!

We welcome hundreds of visitors to campus every year and we think it is an important aspect of everyone’s college search.  We also understand that not everyone can visit before they make their decision to become an Illini and that’s also okay!  We’ve created several resources for students who have not been on campus or will not have a chance to visit campus before making that big decision.

Virtual Tours are such a great resource for students who cannot make the trip here in person.  We have a couple of different virtual tour options, so check them all out!

Social media is another awesome way for students to get an idea of campus culture, activities, and atmosphere.  Have you followed all our admissions social media channels yet?  No worries if you haven’t, just click here to connect!

The University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign also has several other social media accounts, such as athletics, college-specific accounts, sometimes even major specific, so be sure to check all of those out as well.

So if you’ve checked all those resources out already and you still are itching to know more…have you checked out past blogs?  We have had some blogs with photo tours around campus, so here are just a couple to check out.

If you are like me, you might also just really like to get to know a place by looking at a map.  Don’t you worry, we have several options for that as well!

You’ve checked out the virtual tours, social media, memorized all the maps, but have you checked out the weather?  We get all four seasons here on campus, which means it gets super hot, but it also snows.  Campus visits are all about determining if the school is a perfect fit for you or not, and the weather is an important factor.  If you are nervous about snow, don’t be!  Just when you are tired of the cold and snow, the weather changes and it warms back up.  The great thing about having all four seasons means we get variety and there are fun things to do year-round.

I also think the student resources page is another fantastic way to get to know Illinois better without visiting.  So are you overwhelmed with ways to explore campus from the comfort of your couch yet? I hope not, but I definitely hope you realize that we want you to feel comfortable and excited about your decision to become an Illini, no matter where you live!

Speaking of that, be sure to check out our Events Near You section of our Admissions Website.  We have admission counselors traveling all over the world, so be sure to check this to see if someone will be traveling close to you!

These resources are in no particular order, so explore all of the options and let me know if you liked one more than another.

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Hopefully you are as excited as Illinois alumnus, Nick Offerman, is about all your virtual campus visit options now.

As always, GO ILLINI!




International Recruitment Coordinator, Undergraduate Admissions
I work with international students throughout the admissions process. My biggest piece of advice for anyone going through the college search process is to ask questions. There are no questions too small. That’s why we're here!

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