The Moment I Chose Illinois

‘Tis the season … for committing to the university of your dreams! 

In the next few weeks, those of you who have applied early to Illinois will hear back from the admissions committee about the status of your application. This is a cumulative moment of all the hard work you have put in during your four years of high school, and let me tell you, I experienced so many emotions during this time. 

I considered a few factors when choosing which school I’d attend, so read ahead and gain some insight on how to choose your next four years. 


This is a broad term, but by “opportunities,” I mean the accessibility to different majors, minors, and fields of study, various organizations, and experiences outside the typical course rigor. Illinois offers all of this. From accountancy to urban studies and planning, UIUC offers so many majors to choose from. Check out the Illinois admissions website to research more on this. Additionally, Illinois has over 1,500 registered student organizations (RSOs) on campus, so it is not surprising to see most students involved in after-school organizations, events, and meetings. 

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Illinois is in a unique location because it offers a small town/campus-town feeling, while also being accessible to the Chicago metropolitan area. I love the campus vibes, and my favorite thing is when the seasons change. The campus itself is so beautiful, it’s a sight to see! 

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Courtesy of Daily Illini

Academic Strength

Illinois is known as the flagship institution in the state of Illinois, and this is mainly because of the strong academic rigor the university instills in each and every student. In my experience, I’ve had countless professors who have made a positive impact in my life and made me want to learn more about my profession and field of study. Strong faculty is important when considering a school because, ultimately, you are here to study and gain enriching knowledge, and having exceptional faculty guarantees that experience! 

These are the three main factors I considered when I chose Illinois. While these are just a few, weigh the pros and cons of each school that is being considered and find the best fit for you. Choosing Illinois four years ago was one of the best decisions I ever made, and I hope you all find UIUC, or whichever school you decide to attend, an inspiring experience like I did.  



Class of 2020
I'm majoring in Psychology, minoring in Spanish, and pursuing a pre-dental track. It seems like I’m all over the place, but that’s what I like about college! I get to choose to study what I’m interested in, and I’m happy to be doing just that at Illinois.

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