Can I Change My Major?

Studies show over 50% of college students change their major at least once, so you are not alone if the major you were admitted to ends up not being the right fit for you and your career interests. Keep on reading to learn about the process of changing majors once on campus—we call it the Intercollegiate Transfer Process (ICT).

Can I change my major once I’m on campus?

The general campus rule for all newly admitted freshmen is that they are to stay in the major to which they were admitted for their first two semesters on campus. There is a process in place to assist students in changing their major, but this process can look different depending on the college and major.

For example, if you want to pursue any major within the Grainger College of Engineering, it’s a two-step process: first, gain entry into Pre-Engineering, then work towards declaring your major within the Grainger College of Engineering. If you want to ICT to a major within the Gies College of Business, you can only do so during the spring semester of your freshman year.

These are just two examples. Like mentioned earlier, the intercollegiate transfer process looks different depending on the program and college. Generally speaking, though, there will be a GPA requirement along with certain course requirements that are needed in order to potentially change majors. Once here on campus, if you determine you would like to change your major, your academic advisor will be a valuable resource in assisting you with this process.

What if I want to change my major now before I come to campus in the fall?

If you want to change your major now before you come to campus in the fall, I encourage you to call Illinois Admissions to speak further about your interests. Through your Admitted Student checklist, you will have access to the Program/Term Change Form if you wish to be considered for a new major. By submitting the Program Change Form, though, you are forfeiting your current admission with no guarantee that you will be admitted to your new major. I highly recommend that you speak with one of our admissions counselors first so that we can walk you through the process and discuss what your best options are at this time.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out to our office! We are happy to help answer any questions about next steps.

You may call us at 217-333-0302 or email us at




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