A Day in the Life of a Communication Senior

Wednesday Morning

On Wednesdays, my first class begins at 10:00 A.M. Since I live a bit of a distance away from campus, I have an alarm that routinely wakes me up at 8:35 A.M. each Wednesday. After staring at my ceiling for about 5 more minutes, I fix my bed and prepare myself for the day. I grab my water bottle, bookbag, keys, and finally leave my apartment around 9:30 to get to Foellinger on time for my first Communication class, CMN 321. Because this is a class about strategic persuasion, the lecture typically focuses on the strategies that political leaders use to influence their audience in some manner. It lasts about an hour and then I walk diagonally across to Lincoln Hall for my Media History class, which lasts an hour and 20 minutes. Fun fact: when the telephone was invented, there was something called the “party line”. Multiple houses were connected to the same phone line, and since women were at home most of the time, they tended to share secrets, which could be heard by their neighbors when they picked up the phone. We then listen to a small lecture about the development of cinema and watch films from the early 1900s that show different techniques that were considered new and innovative such as the rewind and special effects. Two classes down, one more to go, and 12 more hours in the day.

Wednesday Afternoon


It’s finally 12:20 P.M., and I’m starving (since I have a bad habit of not eating breakfast). Although the Quad Shop in the union has become my best friend and second home to get the $5 meal deal, I decided to switch it up today and be spontaneous: to Cocomero! I got an amazing waffle with topped with chocolate and strawberries. My next class starts at 1:00 P.M. at the Materials Science and Engineering Building, which is close by, so I decide to sit upstairs at Cocomero for the time being and watch students glide past each other on their way to some restaurant on Green Street or the Quad.

Last Class!

Around 12:50 P.M., I make it to class and sit for an hour learning about electromagnetic waves, frequency, energy, and electrons. Pro-tip: If you’re a person like me that procrastinates their required classes, just simply get it over with as early as you can. After class is over, I have a quick meeting with my advisor who reassures me that I am on the right track, suggests great opportunities, and answers all of my questions. Another pro-tip: don’t hesitate to reach out to your advisor! They are available for a reason. It’s great to hear advice from a professional. Around 2:30, I leave and find a study space to do some homework, check emails, and take a quick break from running around all day.

It’s the end of the day. Yay!

The places I choose to sit and study or take breaks vary. Sometimes, I choose the front patio of the Union if I can find a table with shade. Some days, I go inside the union and find a place to sit. Other days, I may go to my apartment if I know that I don’t have to stay on campus for the rest of the day. Today, I actually went to Gies College of Business with a friend. After I walked up multiple flights of stairs to find a table before returning back to the first floor to sit, I answered emails, checked Handshake for on-campus jobs and internships, and checked some items off of my to-do list. Since I am a person that needs a few routines to feel organized and less overwhelmed (although I have those days), I need an organizer that I can visually see and check off so that I don’t forget anything. I read my textbook for tomorrow’s class, took notes, review my notes for today’s class in preparation for my upcoming paper, and reviewed tomorrow’s schedule. Finally, I check off my last priority and blog about my oh-so eventful Wednesday. I made it back home around 6 P.M., and hung out with my roommates, made dinner, and rejoiced at the fact that I get to sleep in for a few extra hours tonight because my first class tomorrow doesn’t begin until 12:30 P.M.


Class of 2022
Born in Chicago, Illinois, I am a senior pursuing a degree in Communication-based on my interests in writing and media. Aside from writing, I love to listen to music and roller skate! I hope to inspire people to discover the great resources and opportunities that UIUC offers and ways to enjoy the college experience!

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