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College is an exciting adventure for students. It feels wonderful to have the time and freedom to chase your academic and professional goals. You have the chance to explore and develop your passions and satiate your intellectual curiosity in different academic areas. Many students will consider switching majors as they advance in their courses. Some will stick with the majors that they have chosen and elect to add a minor. Either way, it’s tough to do it alone. We all need a guide sometimes, and that is where your academic advisor comes in. I like to think of advisors as those characters from old video games who are meant to help you on your journey.

Link obtaining his sword, Legend of Zelda, 1986.

Meeting regularly with your advisor is vital to your academic success and progress. Your advisor will help you register for the right classes that fulfill your degree requirements. They will be your guide and help you manage your courses in order to keep you on the right path. Advisors also let you know about new academic opportunities in regard to industry immersion courses, travel abroad opportunities, or research opportunities. They stay informed and will even keep you informed of interesting internship opportunities that come across their desk. They’re here to help, inform, and check in with how your classes are going. I know that my advisor has been an enormous help when it comes to planning my courseload as I’ve progressed through my area of study. Without my advisor’s support and assistance, I would have been panicking this semester, but we worked together to develop a plan that will allow me to graduate right on schedule.

So when you arrive here as a newly admitted student for registration, be sure to establish a good relationship with your academic advisor! They’re here to help you.



Class of 2019
I am a first-generation, non-traditional, transfer student studying Advertising in the College of Media. I grew up in Pleasant Hill, Illinois and spent nearly 10 years recording and touring all over North America as a professional musician.

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