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Hello everyone!

I hope everyone is having a great semester! As this semester comes to an end, it might be a good time to reiterate all of the amazing resources that are available to students on campus. These resources can come especially in handy during finals because unexpected emergencies might come up!

McKinley Health Center

Getting sick at any point in your life is a difficult and unwanted obstacle, and it doesn’t get any easier in college. I’ve gotten sick only twice (thankfully) but anytime I do, all I want to do is curl up in bed. Thankfully, McKinley has amazing services that can help students regain optimal health so they can succeed academically! Every student has a doctor assigned to them, so you can be sure there will be someone there to see you at all times!

Women’s Resource Center

The Women’s Resources Center is the go-to for anyone—regardless of gender—in need of information regarding sexual safety, body issues, and female representation. Their goal is greater equity and empowerment of women-identified student, staff, and faculty. Check out their website to learn more information!

Writer’s Workshop

At the Writer’s Workshop, which is primarily located in UGL Room 251, students can get free writing assistance from experienced consultants. The assignments can range from something as simple as a three-page paper to a senior thesis. They also have several offsite locations! Visit the website to schedule an appointment! 

Counseling Center

Transitioning to college is a whirlwind, and it can bring on a multitude of mental and emotional difficulties. The Counseling Center provides free services to students in order to help them cope with emotional, interpersonal, or academic issues.

Career Center

The Career Center is a must for every go-getter college student. Their services include career advising, resume and cover letter reviews, and pre-health advising. They offer mock interviews in order to calm your nerves, too! If you simply want a part-time job on campus, the Career Center is the perfect resource. The Career Center also holds various career fairs throughout the year, in order to appeal to any and every student in any and every major. Visit them at 715 South Wright Street in Champaign!

I hope these resources are useful to any current/incoming students! 

P.S. Summer is almost here! Finish strong!

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