Choosing a College Major Through Our Program Explorer

The University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign is made up of 11 academic communities. Within those communities, we have over 150 majors! That’s a lot of options for your future. To help you decide which program is right for you, we’ve created a handy tool called the Program Explorer. Let’s check it out!

What is the Program Explorer?

The Program Explorer is a resource that contains information about all of the undergraduate majors we offer on campus. What kind of information? Glad you asked! Let’s check out some of it out: 

  1. A quick description of the program. Maybe you’ve heard of the major but do not know what the major is designed to focus on. This description can help you decide if the program is what you want. 
  2. Career options that students can choose to pursue. Check to see if some of the possibilities are appealing to you—but know that you are not limited to this brief list! 
  3. Statistics from students who have graduated from the major. This includes employment rate, pursuing higher education statistics, average starting salary, and more linked from Illini Success!
  4. Tuition rates. This includes the breakdown for in-state, out-of-state, and international students. Each program can have differential tuition rates, so check to see what rate your program is currently at.
  5. Links to additional resources. This includes a link to the academic college’s website, the major’s website, degree requirements, and our transfer guide.
  6. Related majors. After scrolling through the above information, if you decide the major is not for you, we provide a list of similar majors that may suit your interests more.

How do I navigate the Program Explorer?

Here are some Program Explorer navigation tips:

  • Filter your results. You can filter results by Holland Type, academic college or community, or simply alphabetically.
  • Use the compare feature. Compare up to four majors at one time to see how they compare! You’ll see average starting salaries, tuition costs, employment rates, and more.
  • Just start exploring. You can learn a lot by simply clicking through and exploring all of our options.

Choosing a college major is a BIG step and can be overwhelming. Your major will open up a lot of great opportunities and help define your time in college. Here at UIUC, we want to support you through the whole process, even before you get here. Check out this blog post discussing How to Choose A College Major to learn more. And have fun exploring!



Senior Associate Director of Recruitment & Outreach, Undergraduate Admissions
I'm here to help high school students and their families navigate the college search process. An Illinois alumnus (LAS ’02), I had the honor to play football for the Orange and Blue.

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