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Everyone always tells you that college is way different than high school — your schedule isn’t as structured, and you’re free to make your own decisions about what to do. With people only spending 2-3 hours in class a day, I always found myself wondering what else you can do with your time. Although schedules will always vary, I hope mine gives you an idea as to what a typical day can look like for a college student.

6:00 am 

My alarm goes off, letting me know it’s time to get to the gym. It’s Monday. I hit snooze. 

7:15 am

Ah, yes. Much better. Over the summer when I was working full-time it was much easier to get up on time. I don’t know why I’m struggling so much! 

7:45 am 

Oops. I fell asleep again. I’m getting up for real now, and it’s tough. Last year I had an 8 am class on Tuesday and Thursday, so waking up this late is quite a luxury! As my professor in that class liked to remind us, we’re about to go into the “real world” where skipping work just because you’re tired isn’t really an option! I’ll enjoy my freedom to sleep in while it lasts. Anyway, time for coffee.

8:30 am

With my coffee chugged and breakfast in hand, I start walking to class. I usually aim to get there 10 minutes before it starts to get a good seat, and today I’m able to make it. It’s an unspoken rule in college that everyone sits in the exact same spot for the semester, but I like to be careful. I might even grab another coffee on the way!

9:00 am

I stopped for coffee at Espresso Royale in the Business Instructional Facility (the BIF). I love the BIF when it’s empty — it’s such a beautiful building. A must-see even if you aren’t a business student. I actually spend a lot of time here, grabbing the necessary caffeine or studying at the huge tables in the open atrium. After getting my second fix of the day, I headed to Wohlers for CMN 368: Sexual Communication. It’s been a super fun class so far, and our professor is really engaging. One of the reasons why I love my major is because there is such a wide variety of fields of study, and there really is something for everyone. I’m concentrating in Rhetoric and Public Discourse, so this is a little out of my field, but interesting nonetheless! 

The lighting and very accessible coffee shop (see middle left) make this one of my favorite places to study on campus.

10:00 am

I head over to Lincoln Hall for my next class, CMN 345: Visual Media Effects. This is much more up my alley, and with one of my favorite professors! I took her persuasion theory and research class last semester, and it was one of the best classes I’ve ever taken. I absolutely loved the textbook we had, and I learned so much about persuasive discourse. Since it was very research-heavy, I even got experience making a poster and presenting my research. This was a great learning experience because I’ve never had the time to commit to a research position, and I loved getting the opportunity to do it on a smaller scale. 

11:00 am

I’m done with my major classes for the day, but that definitely doesn’t mean done with responsibilities! I trek on up to the third floor of Lincoln Hall to work in the communication advising office. I’m a peer advisor, meaning I answer basic questions for students, schedule appointments, and respond to emails for the advisors. It’s one of my favorite things I do on campus because both my advisors, Kelli and Neil, are absolutely awesome! It always brightens my day to work in the CMN office. Plus I usually get to see pictures of their cats.

Displaying IMG-1840.JPG
Kelli, Neil, and I were debating which of Neil’s cats were cutest. Neil, of course, had a lot to say about it.

12:00 pm

A free moment! Rare for me. I decide to text my best friend and ask if she wants to eat lunch on the quad with me. She’s free, and she does! We sit in the shade, as it’s pretty hot outside, and take in the sights of the Main Quad. It’s so lively and beautiful this time of year. I savor these moments with my friends, as graduation is looming over the horizon for all of us. Don’t talk about it. 

Hanging out on one of my favorite parts of the Quad!

12:30 pm

I head over to the Admissions and Records building for work. I’m an editorial intern at the Office of Communications for Enrollment Management. This means I actually help edit and review this blog, amongst other admissions-related activities! I worked in campus visits from my freshman to junior year as a tour guide, so I had a lot of experience with talking to prospective and admitted students and their families before this job. It’s been so rewarding to see the active recruiting efforts of admissions and the behind-the-scenes aspect of marketing and communications. I spent two busy hours here before heading off to my next commitment.

3:00 pm

Time for class again! I teach a class called LAS 101: Design Your First Year Experience, and we have our training seminar every Monday. I call it a “welcome to college” course, and almost all universities have something similar. On Mondays we meet with all the other interns, talk about what went well in class the previous week, and work on prepping our upcoming lesson plans. I think it’s very unique that they have upperclassmen teach the class, because we were actually in the shoes of our students just two or three years ago. It makes it a lot easier for them to relate to us, and us to them!

4:15 pm

I meet with one of my students in the class. We’re required to meet with them all just to chat about how their transition to college has been, and I’ve had a great time getting to know them all! I have 26 students, so it can be a little time consuming, but it’s definitely worth it. We meet at yet another coffee shop — the coffee addiction is real. We chat for a bit about how her first year is going, and I finally head home.

Luckily for me, there are a bunch of great coffee shops spread across campus. This is the one where I met my student!

5:00 pm

Thankfully I’m done for the day, but sometimes I end up doing stuff on campus from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. It can definitely get a little exhausting, but I love being busy. I’ll probably study for an hour before dinner, then have some time to relax and take care of myself. This can mean reading a book, going to the gym, or collapsing onto the couch and binging MasterChef for three hours. We’ll see which one it is today!

I hope this gives you an idea of what a day can look like in the life of a college student! Of course, my schedule varies from day-to-day, as does everyone else’s.



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After switching majors four times, I've finally fallen in love with what I'm studying: communication in the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences. I hope hearing about my experiences can put all your worries at ease, because college really isn't as scary as you might think!

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