Executive Boards: What Are They and How Do I Join One?

One of the many amazing qualities about UIUC is the seemingly endless number of clubs and student organizations you can join. Organizations take a lot of effort to run and since they are run by students, there’s this division of tasks between different positions. Read on to learn about what working on an exec. board looks like and how you can join one!

What Are Some Main Roles on an Exec. Board?

While this can vary from organization to organization, there are a few positions that are pretty consistent: president, vice president, treasurer, and secretary. These roles really are what make the organization run.

What Are Some Other Roles?

If these roles don’t really strike your interest, there might be some additional roles that do! For example, I’m currently on the exec. board for the Bachelors of Social Work Association serving as a social media co-chair. One of my main responsibilities is making posts for our Instagram to spread the word about our events and fundraisers. It’s a super fun position that allows me to be involved and use my creativity!

How Do I Join One?

While this process also looks very different for each organization, I can give you some basic tips on how to join an exec board.
First, make sure you’re pretty involved in the organization. Show up to events, connect with other members, and offer a helping hand when they’re looking for volunteers.
Second, follow your organization on social media or subscribe to their newsletter. This is the best way to stay aware of what they’re doing and to keep an eye out for an exec. board application.
Third, keep an open mind and enjoy the process! You may not get selected for your first choice position, and that’s alright! Use the experience to better your interviewing and application skills.

Working on an exec. board can be a great opportunity to build your leadership and teamwork skills while having lots of fun! During the spring, some organizations may be looking to create their exec. boards for next year, so keep an eye out!



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