Finding Spring Semester Motivation

As we’re well into the Spring semester, I personally feel that it can be somewhat challenging to stay motivated throughout the semester. With this in mind, I have some ways of staying motivated and to finish the semester strong.

Setting realistic goals

One of the many ways of how I stay motivated, which definitely helped me last semester was setting “end-of-the-semester” goals that I wanted to accomplish. I chose three main goals that motivated me to keep studying and working hard, of which I know would pay off. I only chose three goals, because I didn’t want to overwhelm myself with a list of goals and a deadline by the end of the semester, because that would be stressful.

Make a schedule

This semester, I’ve gone all digital with my planner; in other words, I’ve made a Google spreadsheet of my weekly calendar where I’ve listed all of my assignments, projects, and essays that are due the week of. Personally, this has helped me to stay motivated because by having an outlook on the week’s workload, I see what I can get out of the way easily and end up doing my work earlier than the deadline(s). For me, by seeing the week’s workload it doesn’t seem off-putting or extremely overwhelming, instead it’s an easier way of looking at what I need to do and recognize that it’s not all that bad. Plus, it’s satisfying to strikethrough my list of assignments, after I’ve completed them.

Make studying fun

Let’s face it, studying isn’t that much fun, but it definitely can be if you join/create a study group and either socially distance to work on homework or do studying with others via Zoom/FaceTime calls. Studying with others can be fun and helpful by having others to talk to, help you out with homework, and so much more. This definitely motivates me to do my homework and study for exams, because I get to “hang out” with my friends, while also getting work done.

Reward yourself! You deserve it

Whether it’s going to Starbucks or Dunkin’ to grab a sweet treat or drink, definitely take time to reward yourself after accomplishing your assignments, exams, or even a hefty workload. Even making myself an iced matcha latte motivates me to finish my assignments on time, so that I’ll have time to enjoy my latte while watching a show. Little rewards here and there definitely help to motivate you with finishing your goals even if it’s a goal of getting all work done for the day! This way the reward is an acknowledgment of all that you’ve completed.

Although, I know there are days where I feel like I don’t want to do anything and trust me, sometimes I don’t—which is definitely okay— I keep in mind of some of these ways that helped me stay motivated. I hope this helps or inspires you to keep your motivation throughout the semester. Best of luck this Spring semester!


Class of 2024
Hi everyone! I am currently studying in the Division of General Studies. I am from Niles, Illinois, a northwest suburb of Chicago, and I am an only child. This means that I will be the first and only one in my family to attend UIUC, so I plan to bring you with me along the way! I hope to share my experiences and provide helpful advice and info about student and campus life here at UIUC for prospective students and others.

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