Finding Your Niche in College Starts with Finding You

Transitioning to college is a really exciting time, but sometimes it can be really difficult. Trying to find a place where you feel “at home” can make this time even more stressful. 

Know Yourself

I have felt a little out of place wherever I went. It wasn’t until college that I realized that rather than conforming to a certain mold, I should use this feeling to seek out new friendships and opportunities. Transitioning to college and finding your place among so many people can be very overwhelming, especially when you’re attending a school with about 40,000 students. The added stress of attempting to be someone you aren’t for the sake of having company adds a whole other layer to this problem. 

Get Involved

Illinois hosts “Quad Day” the Sunday before classes begin for the fall semester— this is a chance to scope out all that this school has to offer! Chances are there will be some type of group or club that lines up with your interests. An interest can bring completely different people together and create amazing friendships. It is situations like this where it is important to be your authentic self and talk to those you might share something with. 

Check Out Other Resources

That being said, finding an organization is just one of the ways to start. There are so many opportunities on campus to meet people: your classes, your residence hall, or just people you find yourself stumbling upon! Finding people to spend your time with is easy; however, you should make it a point to surround yourself with people who bring you up.

Find Your Place

It’s so important to pay attention to the way you feel when you’re around your new peers. Getting the impression that you need to change in order to “fit in” probably means the people you’re around are not for you.

Finding people you can be yourself around is so crucial to succeeding in college. It helps you create a support system in times of stress, anxiety, and especially during finals season. Finding people who encourage you to make good decisions and reach your goals will truly help you feel more at home and happier overall. 



Class of 2022
The first time I visited Illinois, I knew that it was the school for me! I am on the pre-med track, majoring in Psychology in the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences.

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