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4 Reasons Why You Should Schedule Your College Tour Early

When it comes to college, one size does not fit all. Why? Because everyone has a different vision of what the perfect college experience actually looks like. Before committing four years of your life to a particular place, you want to be sure it reflects the experience you’re envisioning.

That’s where visiting campus comes in. All colleges, including University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign, offer campus visit programs, and the earlier you attend these programs, the more beneficial they can be. Today we’re giving you four reasons why.

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1. You can visit more colleges.

This one’s obvious. Cramming a ton of college tours into a small amount of time (like your senior year when you’re already juggling so much you have to remind yourself to breathe!) can be tricky.

The earlier you start visiting colleges, the more colleges you’ll have time to visit. And the more colleges you visit, the more you can narrow down your list. Convinced? Learn how to sign up for college tours, how to prepare, and more.

Admissions Pro Tip

Many colleges also offer visits throughout the summer. If the school year is proving too hectic for you and your family, try organizing visits during the months of June, July, and August.

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2. You’ll have time to take advantage of virtual visits.

Virtual visits are a popular way to check out schools, and they can be a very convenient, cost-effective way to learn about your college of choice.

If you’re interested in a school but don’t have the time or resources you need for a physical visit, a virtual option can fill the gap. Plus, in-person college tours can be stressful. If you’re the type who can absorb information and make decisions better from the familiarity of your own space, a virtual visit might be just what you need to feel confident in your college choice.

The earlier you begin your college visits, the easier it will be to fit virtual visits into your schedule. Pairing a virtual visit with an in-person one is a great way to get a comprehensive look at a school. Virtual visits can also help you narrow down a long list of potential colleges. Once you’ve got a list of schools that impressed you virtually, you’ll know which ones you want to visit in person.

And remember, whether you’re taking in-person or virtual tours, it’s important to know what to look for during your college visits!

Admissions Pro Tip

Create a standard list of questions to answer during each visit. If you’re not sure what to ask or are looking for suggestions, feel free to use our College Visit Guide.

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3. You can ensure you’re on the right path academically.

The earlier you know what you need to do to set yourself up for success, the better.

Different colleges—and even different majors—have different expectations when it comes to your high school experience, including the courses you need to take, the grades you need to make, and any other endeavors you should strive to achieve. 

When you visit a college, you can receive such guidance and answers to any questions you have directly from an admissions counselor or individual within your area of interest. This new connection can also prove to be a great resource for you in the future.

Admissions Pro Tip

If the campus visit program you’ve signed up for doesn’t already include a one-on-one meeting with an admissions counselor or someone related to your intended major, contact the school to see if it’s possible to set one up.

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4. You can visit colleges more than once.

The ability to visit the colleges at the top of your list twice is a wonderful luxury to have.

If you think you’ve found the college for you, visiting that college again will likely give you the last bit of reassurance you need to accept your offer. If you’re torn between two colleges, taking a second trip to both of them will allow you to compare them one last time, and chances are your decision will become much more clear. Either way, that second visit is a great option to have in your back pocket!

Admissions Pro Tip

Colleges are always changing, too, so that second campus visit can update you on what they’ve been up to, including new facilities, rankings, and more.

Now that you know the perks of visiting early, make a list of the colleges you want to see most and start signing up. You can typically view different college tour options and arrange your visit within the admissions section of a college’s website. We hope UIUC will be your first stop!

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