At the time of writing this blog, only a couple of big projects and a handful of days stand between myself and graduation. It is unbelievable to think that it has been four years since I embarked on this journey. When I think of the feelings I had four years ago, I know that I have grown and I am in a much better place. This school has given me new experiences, new friends, and new skills with which to re-enter the world. I am proud of my accomplishments here and look forward to my future. I have much to be grateful for.

Meaningful Relationships

During your time here you will develop meaningful friendships and relationships with so many people. Make plans to spend time meeting with these people. Reach out to them and let them know how much their friendship and support has meant to you during your time here and say thank you. Whether they have helped you study for an exam, worked with you during a group project, or helped you develop your professional and interpersonal skills, they have contributed to your development here as a student. Your graduation is an accomplishment and you have every right to feel proud of this moment. However, you didn’t get here completely alone. Your classmates, friends, family, and instructors helped you along the way. Stay humble and extend your gratitude to these people.

Last Moments

These last two weeks I’ve been really trying to live in the moment. It seems that every activity I go to or assignment I complete, I find myself saying, “Wow, this is the last one for this class.” It has made these last few weeks feel a little bittersweet. I’m increasingly more aware of just how valuable my time here has been and how much it has meant to me. I’ve said it before but being cognizant of how important it is to live for the present is so important. Enjoy being a student. This time in your life doesn’t last long but the memories and experiences are what will stay with you.

Reflective Thoughts

If you are feeling apprehensive about the next step, which is totally normal, go ahead and take inventory of your life. Reflect on where you were four years ago and the goals that you have realized. Your accomplishments in and out of the classroom have shaped you into the graduate that you will soon be. Remember how those milestones gave you the experience that you needed to face tomorrow with optimism and a determined spirit. You can feel confident that you are prepared and ready to face new challenges ahead with your skills and knowledge. After all, you’re graduating from the University of Illinois and forever a part of the Illini family!

& Many Thanks

I’d like to thank everyone at the University of Illinois for their support and for helping me to improve my skills beyond the classroom. I will never forget these experiences, the lessons I have learned, or the relationships that I have formed with you. I’d also like to thank everyone who has read my blogs. Hopefully you have found them informative and useful.



Class of 2019
I am a first-generation, non-traditional, transfer student studying Advertising in the College of Media. I grew up in Pleasant Hill, Illinois and spent nearly 10 years recording and touring all over North America as a professional musician.

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