How to Get Involved in a Virtual World

Whether you are at home right now or you’re living here on campus, spending this amount of time on our computers on Zoom calls and working on homework can be draining. Coming into the semester, I was unsure of whether or not having all online classes would grant me more free time than I had in previous semesters or if it would restrict me in ways I didn’t think about. As someone who loves being involved, I’ve found it a little challenging to stay involved and connected to the larger campus community in a virtual world. So I, wanted to share some of the things I’ve found helpful this semester! 

  1. Don’t be afraid of the Zoom call. Zoom can be a little bit awkward when you don’t know anyone or when it isn’t for a class lecture. Don’t let the fear of an awkward Zoom call hold you back from attending a virtual club meeting. Everyone else feels awkward too. 
  2. Stay engaged. Just because it is all virtual right now doesn’t mean we don’t need to get involved. We do and we should! Our inboxes are being flooded with more emails now than ever before; stay on top of them so you know what’s going on in all of your favorite organizations. 
  3. Be creative. If you think you have an idea on how to make something more fun virtually, suggest it to your club president, your professor, or your TA. We’re all trying to figure this out together and everyone wants new ways to keep people involved and having fun. 

There are ways to get involved virtually no matter what year you are. Take that step and join the call! 


Class of 2023
I'm a Special Education major who was born and raised right here in Champaign-Urbana. My love and passion for this university is unmatched, and I'm passionate about sharing why choosing to stay close to home for school has truly given me the best of both worlds.

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