How To Get The Most Out of Your Winter Break

The wondrous winter break is finally approaching! With such a tough year beyond academics, I’m sure that many people are ready for some time to relax and get some much deserved rest (I, for one, cannot wait). However, a lot of people still have tasks and things that need to get done over winter break as well. It can be a bit challenging to find that perfect balance between productivity and rest while on break, so here are a few of the things I’m planning on doing to get the most out of my winter break.

Set Your Priorities

I’ve found that setting priorities for myself when it comes to schoolwork really helps me focus on getting my tasks done. I spend a lot less time freaking out about everything that I have to do! During any break, I now always make my first priority rest and restoration. Until about a year ago I used to try and use a decent chunk of my winter break for being hyper-productive, but I realized that breaks are for rest, not for work! It was never a sustainable plan, and I wasn’t allowing my body and mind the time it needed to rest and recharge. Figure out what you need from a break, whether it’s rest, time with loved ones (virtually of course), time alone, or anything else that will make your break most beneficial and dedicate a good chunk of your break to doing just that. Everything else, like errands and work that you have to do, can be planned around these priorities.

Have Balance

Resting and taking care of yourself is super important during any break, but I do find that there are always a few work-related things that I need to get done over winter break. For example, winter break is always a great time for me to apply to summer opportunities, and I’ll also be finishing up graduate school apps this winter break. Many students also take on winter courses or work during the break as well. Knowing that I reallyyy need the rest and a chance to slow down over winter break, I’m going to make sure I try to have a healthy balance of work and rest time over the next six weeks. While I’ll be prioritizing my rest, I’m going to hold myself accountable for getting at least one work-related task done a week. This way, all of my work and errands are planned around my rest and relaxation time, instead of the other way around.

No matter what you need from this winter break or how much work you have to do, be sure to always take care of yourself in the process. No assignment, application, or task if worth you jeopardizing your physical or mental health. We’re all far more productive when we take care of our bodies and minds anyway! I hope everyone has a lovely and restful break!



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