How to Make Friends Virtually

For most students, whether you’re on campus or at home this year, the majority of classes are online. The same goes for RSOs, clubs, events, and other activities, so if you’re freshman this year, like me, or someone that wants to meet new people, I have some ideas for you.

Join Clubs and RSOs!

I think this is the most easy and fun way to make friends. By joining clubs and registered student organization (RSOs), you can connect with people that share the same interests you have, and you can meet students from any grade level. I’ve recently joined a club and we have meetings where we play Skribbl (it’s like a Pictionary game), Kahoot, and Quiplash, which are all fun to play, especially when you’re all trying to get to know one another. Also, it’s not too late to join clubs/RSOs, and you can join them by looking on the UofIConnections website.

Attend your classes

In a regular classroom setting, you would be able to make friends easily, so what’s stopping you from doing the same on Zoom? I have a live Zoom class that I see once a week, and every time we have discussions and have to go in breakout rooms, (I know, it can be somewhat intimidating!) I always enjoy it! This is because I meet other students that I can talk to and discuss what’s interesting to us, how we are doing, and more. Attending class or Zoom discussions is great, because you can still engage in the class while also making new friends. Also, you can make or join group-chats with people in your class, which can be a resource for a study group too!

Social Media

Since almost everything is online this semester, there are a lot of activities that you can do and join to meet new people which can be found on apps such as Instagram and Facebook. I definitely know that, on Instagram, you can find multiple student group accounts and other UIUC affiliated accounts that promote events and other online activities that you can join. Remember, these events are made to meet other students that share the same interest, so take advantage of them!

I hope these ideas inspire you to put yourself out there and try something new to make friends. Remember, everyone is in the same boat and we’re all trying to stay connected and together as a community!



Class of 2024
Hi everyone! I am currently studying in the Division of General Studies. I am from Niles, Illinois, a northwest suburb of Chicago, and I am an only child. This means that I will be the first and only one in my family to attend UIUC, so I plan to bring you with me along the way! I hope to share my experiences and provide helpful advice and info about student and campus life here at UIUC for prospective students and others.

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