How to Organize Your School Day

As a student, it can sometimes be overwhelming to plan ahead or even plan day-of with the activities and tasks that you have to do. Today, I’m sharing some tips and advice that have helped me get organized.

1. Write down the tasks that need to be completed.

Now, you might be thinking that this is an obvious step, but it’s essential for you to stay organized. I prefer to write down my assignments or other tasks in a planner, but I suggest writing down your tasks in whatever method works for you (i.e., Google Calendar, Homework App, etc.).

2. Keep track of your classes and events for the day.

After you write down the assignments and tasks, the next step that I suggest doing is to keep track of your classes and events. I do this through my Google Calendar App (I highly recommend using this if it works for you!), noting the times when I have a class or an event that I need to attend. I prefer to use this only for my classes and events for the day, because I like to have it separate from my tasks on my planner, or else I get overwhelmed. This method helps me organize my school work separately from school-related meetings and classes.

3. Set reminders!

You can be the most organized person on the planet, but that doesn’t mean that you won’t miss anything! I avoid missing events, errands, or most importantly, classes, by setting reminders on my phone. Sometimes, other apps will set a reminder for you automatically, which is super helpful. Even if you don’t think you’ll need to have a reminder, it’s a safe backup to ensure that you won’t miss anything you have to do.

4. Use Post-Its.

This might sound just a little old-school, but Post-Its have truly saved me from missing my random errands and to-do’s for the day. I use Post-Its when I have to do RSO-related activities or random tasks not related to homework or assignments such as signing up for service events, replying to so-and-so’s email, asking a professor a question, etc. I put the Post-It in my planner so I know what tasks I need to do that aren’t necessarily related to coursework, but that I still have to get done that day. This is what works for me, since again, with the separation theme, it helps to sort out my coursework assignments/tasks from my RSO or personal tasks that I need to complete.

5. Leave time for yourself.

Although this is the last step, it’s the most important step to help you organize your school day. After organizing your assignments, tasks, study times, and more, I encourage you to make time for yourself and write it down (again in your planner, on Google Calendar, etc.). Write down the times that aren’t related to school such as snack breaks, naps, walks, lunch dates, etc. This is your time to rest and revive so that you can continue on with your busy day! It’s crucial to save time for yourself however you spend your time alone, because at the end of the day, you will be more energized if you have time to step away from the chaos.

I’m not a pro at organization, but these are the ways I organize my school day, and they’ve been working out pretty well. Just remember that every person has their own way of organizing! With that being said, I hope my tips and advice help you with planning out your school day.



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