Jesse McCartney Live at Foellinger

Saturday night, mega-star Jesse McCartney rocked Foellinger Auditorium with a setlist of his greatest hits and new bops. Throughout my childhood and young adult years, I have occasionally found myself listening to Jesse’s music as it is always upbeat, smooth, and just plain fun. His show on campus took my appreciation of his music to a whole new level.

The crowd of Illinois students that attended the show were enchanted by his bright vocals and sharp ability to interact with a crowd. His show was not only great for its rush of nostalgia, but its ability to showcase the new music he’s been working on recently. Needless to say, I had a blast attending the show.

Concerts on campus such as these are only possible because of the amazing RSO Star Course. The student-led organization hosts multiple concerts each year for students. It is a great organization for students across many majors to get major experience with the music business.

I would like to thank Jesse McCartney for an amazing show and the incredible students of Star Course for a wonderful Saturday. I am eagerly waiting to see the next amazing show on campus.

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