Alma Mater at dusk

Ode to Alma

Oh! Alma, you illustrious figure, set in bronze,

Your gentle hands poised, outstretched,

Ready to call upon

Those yearning to inscribe their names; etched


Into the University, its grandeur’d walls echoing with tales of old

Only grown even sweeter with — lingering — time. 

Those who walk through, welcomed and told,

“Learn, labor, love here with thee and thine.”


On a mild day, when you, dear reader, venture to wander,

A warm, blanketing presence that nurtures

Will offer her heart in meetings,


And leave you with her tender message to ponder;

“To thy happy children of the future,

Those of the past send greetings.” 



Class of 2019
I'm an English major in the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences. I'm also minoring in Business. May my blogs help you with your searches toward finding what you love.

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