Overcoming Burnout for Finals Season

At this point in the semester, students are faced with so many different challenges and stressors. On top of it all, so many students are feeling burned out and exhausted. Here are a few things to try that’ll help you power through the final stretch of the semester.

Do something just for your enjoyment

It’s hard not to feel guilty for not working every second of the day. However, it’s important to step away and give your mind and body a rest. Whether it’s reading (not for class!), hitting the gym for a quick session, or even just adding in a little extra self-care into your routine, taking a little time for yourself is important to having the mental and emotional energy to finish finals strong.

Listen to your body

This is definitely something I’ve struggled with! If my mind is set on completing something, I’ll likely work until it’s done. That is not always the best way to go about it! Listen to your body and give yourself breaks when you need them. If you’re having trouble focusing and feel cooped up in your study area, take a little walk outside. If you’re ignoring your hunger cues to get a project finished, grab a snack to hold you over until you’re in a place to stop and eat. In preventing burnout, it’s important to take extra good care of yourself.

Spread out your remaining work evenly

As a certified procrastinator myself, I often have a hard time spreading out my work and end up having to do a bunch of assignments right at the end of the deadline. This is a sure-fire way to feel intense burnout and feel very unmotivated. What I’ve found to be the most helpful is to make a checklist of all the remaining tasks I have. I suggest to write absolutely everything- from lectures to watch to a major final project. Then, set smaller deadlines for yourself until the end of the semester. By spreading your work out, you won’t run into a huge cluster of assignments at the end, which will save you lots of struggle!

Although finals are a super stressful time, it’s absolutely vital that you are still taking care of your mental and physical health. Remind yourself to do your very best without sacrificing your health in the process. Have a safe and healthy finals season, Illini!



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