Packing for Winter Break

As the end of winter break is approaching, I came into the realization that it is important to know how to pack for a month. Even though this is my third year in the university, I somehow still manage to overpack my clothes and try to fit everything inside my suitcase. You live and you learn. It’s not a bad situation compared to others. However, before leaving I was stressing with what I wanted to bring. Truth is, half of the clothes that I brought I ended up not wearing. 

Here are some tips that I was able to collect and learn throughout my break. 

Tip #1

Check the weather before packing and leaving for your destination! Since it is winter, remember to pack layers that you wouldn’t mind wearing all throughout your break. Well, that is the case if you are heading back to a cold-temperature environment. Checking the weather could potentially decrease the headaches of what and what not to bring. 

Tip #2

This might be time-consuming, but plan your outfits! Look straight at your clothes and decide if you are going to truly wear them. Think about the holidays or upcoming parties that you might have. Prioritize those outfits first and then go with the flow.

Tip #3

Look at your schedule. Will you be going out a lot with your friends, or will this break be a more chill, self-collective type of a break? From my experience, I should’ve followed this tip to its core. Of course, I went out here and there, but I believe I went overboard because I did not use as many clothes as I wanted to.

Tip #4

Leave room in the bag that you are using to store your clothes. You might find yourself buying new outfits or bringing jackets that you have forgotten for winter when you go back to campus. Nobody wants to have a bag that’s about to burst. 

I hope these quick tips help you pack once the time comes for you!



Class of 2021
I was born and raised in Cicero, Illinois. Although I entered Illinois as an English major, I trusted my gut and switched to Journalism. Coming to a big institution and being a first-generation student can feel like a handful. However, knowing your resources and getting out of your comfort zone can help in the long run.

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