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As high school seniors are starting to narrow down their options for college, I thought this would be a good time to write about finding a compatible roommate. I’ve listed some questions below that might help start your discussions with others about potentially rooming with them.

1. “What’s your sleep schedule like?”

If you’re someone who likes to be in bed by 10 p.m. with the room completely dark, it might not be a good decision to live with someone who likes to stay up until 2 a.m. studying or watching TV.

2. “What are your study habits like?”

Most of your college career is going to be spent studying. I know you’re going to want to hang out with friends and go to parties, but here’s the reality of it: you’re going to college to study and have fun.

3. “Are you a neat freak?”

I, personally, am a neat freak, so this question was essential when I was searching for a roommate. It’s important to know how “clean” your roommate is, especially since you’ll be sharing a small space with them for a full year.

4. “What kind of clubs/groups do you want to join in college?”

The University of Illinois has multiple Registered Student Organizations and is also a large advocate for Greek Life. It’s important to know if your roommate is planning on joining a sorority or a certain club so you can see if you have similar likes and dislikes. Plus, this might be a good gauge for how well you’ll get along with the person and how much time you could spend with each other.

5. “What’s your major?”

This probably won’t make or break your decision, but the more you know about your roommate, the better.

6. “What’s your ideal room temperature?”

My roommate and I are constantly cold. Room temperature is one of the first things we established because we both wanted our dorm to be warm.

7. Ask some general and fun questions!

Get to know your roommate’s likes and dislikes! Develop a good relationship and don’t forget to talk about all the great things you enjoy doing in your free time and anything you want to be involved in. This is also a good time to talk about potential things you can do together on campus to connect better!

Obviously, you can’t judge everyone over text messages, but asking these questions will give you a general idea for compatibility. Hopefully these tips will help you find the best college roommate ever 🙂



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The first time I visited Illinois, I knew that it was the school for me! I am on the pre-med track, majoring in Psychology in the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences.

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