Senior Year of High School Reflection

I’m looking back at my senior year. That year was filled with memories and specific stressful events that a senior usually goes through, such as finals, standardized tests, college searching, and so forth. However, since it is already March, I hope you are receiving great news from the different college admissions offices—more specifically, here at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.

Once you pick the college you dearly want to attend for the upcoming fall semester, I would like you to relax and reflect on your accomplishments. That does not mean slack off with your current schoolwork, but to be more lenient with yourself. You reached a goal that is known to be difficult to accomplish without having that spark inside you. A goal that many might not be able to achieve due to a lack of resources. If you are a first-generation student, especially from a minority group, I am very proud of you! Overall, I am proud of every student who is planning on pursuing higher education. You got this! That being said, the spark that you currently have right now, the ambition to keep going—hold on to it, especially in our situation that is affecting many people’s education.

Although our current nationwide situation might have affected your last year as a high school student, I want you to reflect and look back at the memories you have made with your fellow colleagues. That can either include stressful, funny moments or even small arguments. The idea is that every moment you have had in that building you have been in for four years has developed you tremendously in the end. I know you are not the same person you were freshman year—that can be either a negative or positive thing. Everything happens for a reason. Don’t let it take over your life and mood for the rest of the year! The dog days will be over soon!


Class of 2021
I was born and raised in Cicero, Illinois. Although I entered Illinois as an English major, I trusted my gut and switched to Journalism. Coming to a big institution and being a first-generation student can feel like a handful. However, knowing your resources and getting out of your comfort zone can help in the long run.

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