Barron, the squirrel

Student Squirrel Stories

At Illinois, we love Squirrel Appreciation Day because we love our squirrels.

For the last 119 years, the Illinois campus has been home to a friendly and bold population of squirrels. Former university president Andrew S. Draper brought the squirrels to campus in an effort to boost morale and school spirit. Read more here.

Since then, students have enjoyed their mischievous antics and human-like eating habits. Courtesy of the r/UIUC subreddit, here are our favorite Student Squirrel Stories.

1. Pizza Warfare Squirrels

2. Good To The Last Drop Squirrels

3. Public Stunt Squirrels

4. Great-And-Powerful-Wizard Squirrels

5. GoGurt Squirrels

6. Chinese Food Enthusiast Squirrels

7. Legacy Squirrels

Though many college campuses have thriving squirrel populations, we still think ours are the most special. At the very least, they have the most fun.



Class of 2021
I am from Rock Island, Illinois, which is right on the Illinois-Iowa border. I am a dual-degree student studying Acting in the College of Fine and Applied Arts and Advertising in the College of Media. I am also a James Scholar and a Chancellor's Scholar.

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