The Importance of Pencils

As a college student, I don’t think about pencils too much. Recently though, that has been changing a bit. You see, before one of my recent exams I discovered that I didn’t have a reliable pencil in my backpack. I couldn’t believe it! This was especially shocking considering that I have so many class handouts and activity sheets still hanging around in my backpack. Surely, I would have a functioning pencil lying in there somewhere.

This incident made me think about why I didn’t have a pencil ready for the exam. Each class I am in and the homework that accompanies it is all digital. Homework can be found on an online platform called Compass. Group project members communicate through the GroupMe app. All my other internship work is usually done over email.

I guess you could say that I neglected the pencil over time. The truth is that the pencil is very important to what you’ll be doing in college. There are many great uses for this classic tool. Taking notes by hand using a pencil can be very helpful. Several of my friends have even picked up the art of sketching with a pencil.

It’s important while in college to not get too caught up in the digital world. Many of your activities will be on a computer or a smart phone. Once in a while, remember to use some of the more essential tools. Take a walk and get away from the group chat. Go visit with friends in real life. But first, remember to always pack your trusty ole’ pencil.



Class of 2019
I’m an Advertising student within the College of Media. My hometown is a place called Fairmount, Illinois, which is about 30 minutes from campus. I began my Illinois journey in the Division of General Studies.

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