The Secrets of Presby Hall

March 13th, 2020

Today is the day I returned home from college, the day I realized my freshman year had been severed. Today is the day I returned home from college, the day I yearned would never arrive. Today is the day I returned home from college, the day I further grasped my love for this campus. 

I began freshman year as excited as a kid on Christmas Day: I was eager to begin a new chapter, optimistic for a refresh in my life. I lived in Presby Hall, a suite-style dormitory for freshmen. Upon reflection, Presby is the perfect place to begin a chapter of one’s life in which you learn how to be comfortable with the uncomfortable, how to live with diverse individuals, how to be self-reliant, and (most importantly) how to perfect ramen. 

Listed below are those surprising elements that seem to be unknown to incoming freshmen but should be recognized.

1. Location

Presby Hall is located two blocks west of the Main Quad. It lies about one mile north of the 6-pack and ARC, and one block south of Green Street. This means I was able to walk to and from my classes in less than ten minutes; my suitemates and I could be at the workout facility in fifteen minutes; and the hundreds of restaurants on Green were just a few steps away (easy on the stomach, not easy on the wallet). It doesn’t get much better than that.

2. Space

Presby is suite-style, with each suite consisting of three to four rooms (housing five or six residents), two bathrooms, a kitchen, a living room, and a small patio. The bedrooms house one or two residents and include extra-long beds, a dresser, a desk, a chair, and a closet for each resident. The kitchen came fully furnished with spacious cabinets, an electric range (stove and oven), microwave, full fridge, dishwasher, sink, and breakfast bar with stools. Next to the kitchen was a large closet, encasing a washer and dryer for residents and extra storage space! The living room entailed a three-seater couch, two matching chairs, and a television. To say the least, the entertaining space in this “dorm room” was impeccable, and each guest was just as astonished as the previous one.

3. Employees/Cleaning Service

Each employee and RA in Presby was approachable and welcoming. The chefs, secretaries, and cleaning ladies greeted residents each day. These simple acknowledgements made tackling tough days easier and more bearable. Furthermore, when picking up mail, the secretary made a valiant effort to remember each student’s name. Likewise, the RAs made efforts for residents to connect and be more involved: once or twice a month, they organized movie nights, made popcorn, and ordered pizza for the students to enjoy. With the turbulent college life, the cleaning service was a huge benefit to the dorm space. Each week, the cleaning ladies would clean our kitchen, vacuum our living areas and rooms, and sanitize the bathrooms. Again, the kindness and positivity was truly contagious. 

4. Dining Hall

The dining hall hours allowed students to eat according to their schedules. Each employee was respectful towards the needs of the residents. Each dinner included a vegetarian option, a salad bar, and dessert options. The “Creation Station” consisted of unique dishes for students to explore. Overall, it was easy for even the pickiest of eaters to find satisfaction. If the dining hall wasn’t appealing, resorting to homemade ramen (or other groceries) in your kitchen would suffice.

5. Workout Facility

The workout room consisted of four treadmills, four ellipticals, one exercise bike, an exercise ball, and a few small weights. That selection may not seem like a lot, but these fundamentals are still useful. On cardio-focused days, scorching-hot or freezing-cold days, and hectic days, the facility was sufficient and valuable. And on days when my suitemates and I needed a place to dance out extra energy, it was foolproof. 

6. Security

Presby bears the freedom of an apartment, but the safety of a normal dorm.

If you would like to explore more into Presby Hall and its accommodations, please visit The website offers virtual tours, floor plans, and other useful information to enlighten incoming students on everything Presby has to offer. 



Class of 2023
I am studying in the Gies College of Business. Growing up in Naperville, Illinois, I feel that my transitions to and experiences on campus may be familiar to incoming students. Through my blogs, I hope to demonstrate my passions of business, Greek Life, and campus life to serve as a navigation tool to prospective students and incoming freshmen.

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