Top Campus Coffee Shop Vibes

As finals season approaches, you might find yourself wanting to study or relax away from your room. If you’re looking for a little treat and a cozy vibe, look no further! Here’s my personal ranking of the coffee shop vibes on campus.

5. The Illini Union Starbucks

The Union is a really, really beautiful place with lots of comfortable seating options. Although the ambiance and the beauty of the Union is untouchable, I think it’s important to support local coffee shops. Nevertheless, the Union is an excellent place to study if you have a gift card to burn.

4. Brew Lab

Brew Lab is a very cute, modern space! There isn’t a huge menu selection, but they have the staples that are sure to satisfy your cravings. The only reason it’s sitting in 4th place is due to the somewhat limited seating.

3. Caffé Bene

At Caffé Bene, you’re bound to find something that you like. The menu is very extensive, with items from smoothies to any kind of coffee drink you could think of. Not to mention the wide variety of desserts and sandwiches! There’s a whole bunch of seating with two locations on campus, but I tend to have issues with the wifi (which makes it hard if you’re trying to study, but definitely not something to be concerned about if you’re just in pursuit of a tasty treat).

2. Espresso Royale

While this is my personal favorite study spot, I think the overall vibes fall into second place on this ranking. There’s several spots on campus to get your Espresso Royale fix, with 6 locations on and around campus. I’ve yet to have a drink that disappoints! What sets the vibes apart between first and second place is the atmosphere.

1. Caffe Paradiso takes first place!

The atmosphere of Caffe Paradiso is the coziest of the coffee shops on the list. The tasty pastries and delicious drinks are the perfect accompaniment to a successful study session in the cutest environment.

There’s not one objective best coffee shop on campus. In pursuit of your favorite, try out these five to find your most productive study spot during finals season!



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