What #midtermseason Is Really Like

What is up, my dudes?

So last week I talked about college midterms and how to prepare yourself for them. When I went back to read it, though, I realized that I was not being as transparent as to what my #midtermseason looks like. Now, not everyone finds themselves in the same situations as me, but I wanted to give you all some insight into what I experience so you can either learn from it or relate to it. That being said, I am going to be completely honest and say that MIDTERM SEASON IS WILD. I never feel more out of control in my life than when I have three exams in a week and not enough time in a day.

Let’s rewind to last week. I am taking 18 credit hours, which translates to five different classes. I’ve taken this amount of credit hours for the past couple semesters, so I have really accustomed myself to having a busy schedule (I hate being bored which is why I try to keep myself busy). Eighteen credit hours is not recommended for freshmen though, so don’t try it until sophomore year. Anyways; the point is I’m a busy gal. Last week, three of my classes had exams, and the way it worked out was that I had one on Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday. I recognized that my week was going to be busy so I did all of my homework for the week beforehand and began to study for my midterms. All I had to do the week of my exams was go to class and study.

Well, I made some later regrettable decisions. I decided to go home that weekend to visit my family. I figured it would motivate me to study but I ended up oversleeping, hanging out with my mom, and being entirely unproductive. I didn’t stop procrastinating there. When I returned to campus on Sunday night, I had a few hours to get some studying done, but let’s be honest guys, did I? NO. I decided to clean my entire apartment. I told myself I couldn’t get any studying done because all I would think about is how dirty my apartment was. So I spent the entire time I had allocated for studying on cleaning. By the time I was done, I told myself it was too late and that if I got my sleep now, I would be more productive in the morning. I think you guys get the trend now. Did I wake up early to study? NO. I slept in. I have no excuse here, I just didn’t get up.

Alright, so it’s Monday night and I haven’t studied enough for my exams, so what happens now? I go into panic mode. I frantically start making a study schedule for the rest of the week and I can’t help but stress out even though I’m the one who put myself in this situation. In the end, I lived.

So I really hope you guys learn to NOT do this but I figured if you’re a procrastinator like me, you guys would understand. After last week I decided to reevaluate my schedule and get myself together. Here are some tips so your midterm season does not spiral out of control.

Tip #1: Look ahead

Luckily, I did all my homework the week before so even though I was super stressed, I didn’t have to worry about that. I would 10/10 recommend putting all your syllabi schedules into your calendar at the start of the semester. This way you can see if some weeks are going to be more stressful than others and you can plan your studying accordingly.

Tip #2: Ask yourself, “Am I doing this because I need to or becasue I’m trying to avoid _______?”

Yeah, I think we all go through this every once in a while. Maybe asking yourself this will help you realize that maybe you’re just making excuses. I haven’t tried this yet, so I’ll try it and give you guys an update.


Stress really takes a toll on us and I feel like we often forget to treat ourselves! After all your exams are over, go get yourself something good to eat, drink some tea, and put that face mask on. Give your self some time to chill out and ~ R E L A X ~. I’ve listed some things I like to do to treat myself in case you’re looking for new ideas:

  • Take a bath
  • Long warm showers
  • Drink some herbal tea
  • Watch Netflix
  • Eat Cocomero (frozen yogurt)
  • Read a book
  • Watch Camp Rock
  • Take a nap
  • Take a bike ride
  • Listen to Odesza
  • Chocolate

I hope you guys learned from my bad choices, and I’m sure you will soon learn how to learn from yours. I’ll keep you guys updated in whether or not I actually follow through with tip two.

That’s it for this one, folks! Stay sane!



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