What to do on Dads Weekend!

Illinois has a great tradition of its parents’ weekends. The campus transforms into something completely different, with dads walking around everywhere. It was a jarring thing to see, but it was so much fun being able to take my dad around all weekend and show him what my college experience is like. Here’s a couple of the things we did when he was here:

Campus Tour

A lot of people’s parents have visited here before with them, but never really got an in-depth tour of the town. For my dad, he went here for his undergraduate as well. Although he remembers the campus very well, there are many things that are way different for him.

A big change was all the stores and restaurants on Green Street. Although the layout was mostly the same, a lot of places to get food have come and gone since he came here. Another big change was all of the huge apartment complexes that have sprung up over the last few years. He said that he didn’t have anywhere near as nice to live when he came here a long time ago.


Outside Memorial Stadium in Grange Grove, there are tailgates-a-plenty. The smell of burgers is in the air as dads and their kids get ready for the game. My dad and I went to a friend’s tailgate, and it was a great time. It was a perfect way to get ready and excited for the football game against Rutgers.

At Grange Grove, there’s something for everyone. Whether you’re tailgating with your friends or going to the official school BBQ, football fans are out in full force getting ready for the game. It was really fun to see everyone so excited to see the Illini play and for my dad to re-experience going to the football games with me.

Football Game

The actual football game was a blast. We had great seats, and the game was awesome as well. Rutgers played the Illini close in the first half, but we had a great showing in the second, winning the game. It was fun getting to watch the game with my dad because he’s a huge fan of college football. It was especially great because the team is doing so well this year! Hopefully the Fighting Illini hot-streak continues throughout the rest of the season.

Many Other Options

Those were some of the things I did, but there is a plethora of other opportunities that you and your dad can experience during dads weekend. There were plenty of other events we would have liked to go to, but it’s almost impossible to go to them all.

Dads weekend is a great time to show your parent(s) around campus after you’ve been settled in for a while. There are so many opportunities to have fun with your dad, and it’s a great break from the regular stresses of college.



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