“Who Lives in a Pineapple Under the Sea?”

The SpongeBob Fan Club does, of course! SBFC is a collection of hard-core SpongeBob aficionados. We meet up one night a week to watch episodes, play games, make friends, and quote favorite lines.

From the t-shirt of (you guessed it) the SpongBob Fan Club

“Are you guys for real?”

Are you for real?

“What, do you just, like, watch episodes all the time?”

NO! But every other meeting, yes. We’re all in the club because we either love SpongeBob or we’re imposters. Most of us are the former.

We do all sorts of things when we’re not watching episodes. We play SpongeBob-themed versions of Mafia, Taboo, 20 Questions, Jeopardy, Apples to Apples, and so much more. We discuss the philosophy of SpongeBob—yes, you read that right. Sometimes we just grab ice cream and go bowling. 

“Do you watch any of the new episodes?”

We usually stick to seasons 1-3, watching everything up to and including the first movie. This is really just done out of sensitivity; some club members refuse to believe that anything later than season 3 exists, and we’d hate to burst their bubble. 

“What did any of you even join the SpongeBob Fan Club in the first place?”

Because it is wonderful and fun and cool and better than any other club and thought-provoking and spectacular and awe-inspiring and great and wonderful and special.

“Don’t you have to be stupid somewhere else?”

“Not until 4.”

“One more question… can I join?”

If you’re a student at UIUC, then yes! Go find us on Facebook, Instagram, or Illinois connections


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I’m a senior here at the university, majoring in English and Math and minoring in Spanish. I’ve lived in Illinois all my life, sharing a room with my sister and many crickets. As the youngest in my family, I’m lucky enough to have my older siblings’ advice and perspective as I make my way through college!

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