“Who You Were Made To Be”

November 14, 2020

Earlier this week, Joanna Gaines, released her second children’s book titled The World Needs Who You Were Made to Be. A group of kids foster their unique skills, come together to build hot air balloons, and fill the sky with beautiful colors. It highlights the beauty of celebrating our differences and taking care of one another, while staying true to ourselves. 

As our lives flipped upside down within the past year, I feel that time has moved in slow motion. I watched as days turned into weeks wasted away in our homes, and as happiness faded from the faces of neighbors and friends, I often questioned if “normalcy” would ever be restored. 

For a long time, I considered those months at home to have been draining. But now I can see that this time has forced society to be resilient, to remain patient, and to find joy in a time of uncertainty. It has always been in human nature to propel through the uncertainties, yet families and friends switched to panic at the news of this pandemic. What was more disheartening, though, was how much people struggled to find time to give back to themselves, and if there is one thing that I have learned over these last couple years, it is this: self care is not selfish (thank you, Gabby Gadiano). I have found that taking pauses has allowed me to choose to find purpose and joy in little activities. Like yoga. Or walks around my neighborhood. Or reading the entire Harry Potter series during quarantine. 

Whether you feel like these last few months have progressed you towards the future you envision, or that you’re stuck in neutral, the journey itself is the most essential part. Your choices lead you. Life is predictable in that way; you have to believe that where you were yesterday and where you are today matters for who you will be tomorrow and days following.

There is unity in knowing that nothing is perfect. Everyone is figuring out their paths as they go, too. But if you set more intention into what you do, you can live in such a way that allows you to be who you were made to be.



Class of 2023
I am studying in the Gies College of Business. Growing up in Naperville, Illinois, I feel that my transitions to and experiences on campus may be familiar to incoming students. Through my blogs, I hope to demonstrate my passions of business, Greek Life, and campus life to serve as a navigation tool to prospective students and incoming freshmen.

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