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Why I Chose Greek Life

The University of Illinois offers hundreds of different ways to get involved around campus. One of the most accessible of these is Greek life. From raising money for national organizations, to fostering lifelong relationships, sorority and fraternity life is gratifying for those involved, but simultaneously rewards those around the community and beyond. Below I have listed a number of those profits.  

1. Philanthropy

The most rewarding part of Greek Life is the philanthropic activities. These events are the easiest way to make a difference in the Champaign-Urbana community. Whether you are involved in organizing these events or simply attend them, you are making an impact in the surrounding community. Plus, each sorority/fraternity volunteers for designated charities.

As a current member of Chi Omega, I work beside other members to facilitate philanthropy events where we raise money for Make-A-Wish. This establishment inspires and empowers me to make a difference in the lives of strangers each and every day.

My “sister” and I managing our Wings for Wishes event.
My “sister” and I at our Wags for Wishes event.

2. Networking

From going through recruitment and facilitating events, it is clear how vast the Greek community is. The networking within the Greek system has pushed me out of my comfort zone. Learning how to keep conversations flowing and finding connections is a great skill to have when entering the workforce. It will make interviews much easier, as you are more personable and sociable. 

3. Lifelong Friendships

Joining an organization that constantly holds social and philanthropic events will allow you to create and foster friendships that will last a lifetime. Organizing Wish Week, living in a house with forty of your best friends, or simply going on a walk around campus are among some of my best memories. 

Plus, with the vast size of the University of Illinois, this set of individuals will make campus feel much smaller and more comfortable. These people will soon come to be your family.

My big and I after a sisterhood event.
My big and I at a White Sox game.

4. Leadership

Greek Life rewards its members with leadership opportunities. Members can cultivate leadership skills through executive positions, where they contribute ideas, coordinate events, and lead other members in facilitating these things. This leadership offers professional experience at a young age. It teaches individuals how to become adaptable, to listen to others and their needs. It devises an environment that is cohesive, respectable, and open. Furthermore, this experience is a great resume builder, as companies will see the involvement and volunteering experiences offered through Greek organizations.

Running for an executive position in Chi Omega is something that I look forward to as a sophomore.

5. Professional Development

While the University offers different social sororities and fraternities, there is also an abundance of professional fraternities. These organizations grant students more professional development opportunities than the social organizations. While the application or rush process may be more gruesome, the rewards and outcomes are well worth it.

6. Organizational Skills

As busy college students, organization is key. There will be days in which you have a group meeting at 5:00PM, chapter at 7:00PM, three exams the next day, and a paper due by the end of the week. When all of this occurs, an individual learns how to manage time and organize his or her priorities. This is valuable, as it is necessary in the professional world. Practicing time management and organizing priorities will allow for a more productive and enjoyable college experience – it will offer time to socialize and relax with that family of friends, while still flourishing academically. 



Class of 2023
I am studying in the Gies College of Business. Growing up in Naperville, Illinois, I feel that my transitions to and experiences on campus may be familiar to incoming students. Through my blogs, I hope to demonstrate my passions of business, Greek Life, and campus life to serve as a navigation tool to prospective students and incoming freshmen.

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