Why the End of Break Isn’t So Bad

It was nice being able to travel, sit on the couch, hang out with your dog, and grab food from your kitchen cabinet whenever you wanted. But now you’re back at school, and if you’re finding it hard to get into the swing of things again, you’re not alone. A lot of people struggle with end-of-break-bummers, and I promise it’ll get easier soon.

“I was totally in the zone last semester. There’s no way I can get back in it!”

There is too a way! I was once talking with someone whose name and face I have now completely forgotten, but they told me that it takes two weeks to develop a habit. Maybe that someone was a TED Talk or a random person from high school. I don’t know. It doesn’t matter. What does matter is that you may be may be having a hard time now, but in two weeks, things might be a whole lot easier. 

Starting up again is always the hardest part, because you have to have the energy to do it all again. If you’re back at school already, though, that first step is done. Now you just have to keep going—and you can, since you’ve done it before. It’s hard now, but you’ll be able to adjust soon enough. 

“But homework stinks, and I’m not going to do it!”

Homework does stink. But it’s a huge part of school, and since you signed up to go here, you might as well play along. 

There’s light at the end of the tunnel; the last day of the semester is just 16 weeks away at most, and then you get another break. And don’t forget that there’s also some light at the start of the tunnel, too. If you’re just beginning classes right now, then you’re walking into one of the most glorious weeks of the semester—syllabus week. Getting used to classes can be tough, but the workload is usually not so bad those first few days.

If you’re not about to begin a new semester (if you’re coming back from fall or winter break, for instance), then … hang in there.

“I still don’t want to go back to school!”

No one does (except Harry Potter—why didn’t any of us submit our Hogwarts applications on time?). 

But the great thing about school is that you are surrounded by people who on the same schedule at you. Reach out to your fellow classmates. You can all share the burden of getting back to work; what better way to make friends?

Schoolwork itself is hard (because it’s work) but try to remember all the things that you like about school. And before you say there are none, think more, dang it! There must be something about it you like. Here are some things that college offers:

  • Friends
  • Squirrels
  • Being around people your age
  • Campus resources like gyms, theaters, and cultural centers
  • Interesting classes
  • Fun local stores and restaurants
  • A truly picturesque campus (mind that construction!)

If you’re still having a hard time with the idea of going back to school, think about why. Is it because you don’t like what you’re studying? Is it because you’re not digging the atmosphere on your campus? If a few weeks go by and you still find yourself unmotivated and upset, then maybe it’s time to reevaluate your situation this semester. Do what’s right for you, and remember that there are always, always people there to help you (more people than you even know!).

You’ve just come back from a great break, but remember that you had to work for it. You’ll be enjoying another break before you know it, and in the meantime, you’ll get back into school-mode. I bet that once you start learning cool things, you’ll appreciate your classes and start liking school again.

(And if all else fails, maybe we can still get into Hogwarts.)


Class of 2020
I’m a senior here at the university, majoring in English and Math and minoring in Spanish. I’ve lived in Illinois all my life, sharing a room with my sister and many crickets. As the youngest in my family, I’m lucky enough to have my older siblings’ advice and perspective as I make my way through college!

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