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Your Next Steps as an Admitted UIUC Transfer

Congratulations on your admission to the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign! Being admitted as a UIUC transfer student is a huge accomplishment. Give yourself a round of applause, a pat on the back, or a milkshake, because you definitely deserve it.

Once you’ve finished celebrating (take all the time you need, by the way; we’ll still be here when you’re done), it’s time to make things official. With all of your previous work leading up to this, you may be unsure what to do next. If so, don’t worry. We’re here to guide you along the way!

1. Complete your admitted student checklist.

The most important step to becoming an Illini is ensuring you’ve completed everything on your Admitted Student Checklist. You can view your checklist by logging into myIllini (the place you applied) and clicking on your application for admission.

Accepting Your Offer

The very first step in your admitted checklist will be accepting or declining your offer of admission to UIUC. You have some time to do this, but sooner is always better than later. The sooner you accept, the sooner you can get started on most everything else. (Note, though, that you can apply for financial aid any time—and sooner is always better than later when it comes to that step, too!)

Other Key Steps

After accepting your offer, you can complete your housing application and sign up for new student registration. You’ll also be able to view any pre-advising worksheets or placement exams, which you’ll need to complete before registering for classes. In addition, you must send your final transcripts and any other requested documents our way. Last steps include setting up your tuition billing and receiving required immunizations. International transfers must complete the I-20 as well. 

And that’s it! Again, be sure to log in to your myIllini account. Here, you can look at your Admitted Student Checklist to see specific requirements and due dates.  Now, let’s get into the fun stuff! 

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2. Visit us (virtually works, too!).

We offer a variety of campus visit options, from info sessions with admissions counselors and campus tours to meetings directly with our academic communities. Can’t make it to campus? No problem! We also provide a number of virtual visit options to help you learn more about everything you’d explore in person, both culture-wise and campus-wise. Explore all of your options and sign up for the visit of your choice today!

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3. Check out your housing options.

University Housing

University Housing includes a living community designated specifically for transfer students. It’s located in Scott Hall, part of Ikenberry Commons, and has staff specifically trained in assisting students with potential challenges of adjusting to campus.

Although this residence hall is tailored to the transfer experience, you can live in any of our 24 university halls! If you choose a space through University Housing, you have access to any of our dining halls, residence hall libraries, computer labs, and study rooms. 

Private Certified Housing

Private Certified Housing is another first-year housing option with 12 different halls to choose from. The university approves but does not own these buildings. Options range from traditional-style residence halls to more apartment-like living experiences, giving you freedom in the type of housing you choose.

Off-Campus Living

If you transfer in with above 30 credit hours and have lived a full academic year at another institution, you also have the option of living off campus. This can present some great joys and a few downfalls. Being able to cook and eat whenever you want is a plus, but finding an apartment that fits all your needs can be tricky.

It’s a good thing we have an office in place to help! Off-Campus Community Living is a great resource our students can utilize when choosing an apartment. Their tools can sort by location, size, amenities, and even whether or not you can bring your beloved dog, cat, or fish to campus with you.

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4. Explore campus resources.

University Resources

UIUC has all sorts of resources to make your life easier. When you first get to campus, New Student & Family Experiences is focused on helping you with the transition. They host the Illini Transfer Ambassadors and LIT program. Illini Transfer Ambassadors is a group of current transfer students on campus who help implement programs for new transfer students. LIT (Leading Illinois Transfers) is a great opportunity to meet other new transfer students and navigate the first weeks of life at UIUC. 

Once you’ve settled in, you’ll discover even more resources across campus. For example, every department provides academic advisors you can meet with to discuss class schedules, adding or dropping classes, and checking your progress to graduation. The Counseling Center is here for you when you need a little extra support, emotionally or spiritually. The Career Center can help you with resume reviews, cover letters, and practice interviews and provides guidance on prepping for career fairs, landing an internship, or scoring your dream job. And, if you’re ever unsure where to go, don’t worry; we have an office for that, too.

Obviously, we’ve listed just a few of UIUC’s resources here. But trust us, there are many more! You can view a more complete list on our website.

Student Organizations

On such a large campus, our students find thousands of ways to make their worlds just a little bit smaller! One of the easiest ways is by getting involved in one or more of our 1,000 registered student organizations (RSOs).

The amazing thing about RSOs is that engineering majors and English majors can join together in their love for Ultimate Frisbee or Harry Potter. Almost all of our RSOs are open to any major or year, and a few are even dedicated to helping students adjust to life as a UIUC transfer.

Branching out and experiencing new things is one of the best ways to make the transition easier. It will also help you create friendships during your first few months on campus. 

5. Accept your offer!

Once you know UIUC is the right fit for you, come join us. Again, the sooner you accept your offer, the sooner you can register for classes, decide on housing, and buy everything orange and blue. We hope to see you and that orange and blue on campus soon!

UIUC Admissions

UIUC Admissions

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