Best Photo Locations on Campus

The University of Illinois (in my humble opinion) has one of the most beautiful campuses year round! It would simply be reckless not to take advantage of its stunning scenes. 

Whether you’re looking for some spots that will add some extra beauty to your Instagram feed or share your Illini Pride with the masses, here is a list of must-visit spots to snap some pictures on campus. 

1. Alma Mater

This one is a little bit obvious. Pictures with Alma are some of the most common among students at Illinois. It’s pretty much tradition to take a picture with the iconic Alma on move-in day and then again on your graduation day. You can find Alma on the corner of Wright and Green. 

2. Grange Grove Gate

Outside of Memorial Stadium, on 1st Street, the tailgating area Grange Grove resides. When not in use, you can find a massive, bright orange “I” on the fence. This spot is perfect for showing off your school spirit!

3. Arboretum/ The Japan House

While not explicitly U of I, these locations are beyond stunning! Eye-catching foliage and serene ponds make for a simple and captivating image or backdrop. Lots of people make their way over here in the spring to take pictures with the freshly bloomed trees. 

4. Downtown Urbana

Personally, I think Urbana is underappreciated! It has such a charming feeling, especially in the downtown area. If you’re stopping off for some food at Courier Café, you might as well wander right outside through the Graffiti Alleyway and snap a couple of pics. The beautiful art makes for a bright and colorful addition to your feed. 

Last, but certainly not least,

5. Hallene Gateway

Located on the corner of Illinois St. and Lincoln Ave., the gateway is a stunning structure. Once upon a time, the gateway was the entrance to the first building built by the University, until the building was knocked down. The entrance was moved to its current location in 1998 and is a stunning piece of architecture to photograph with the slogan “Learning and Labor” inscribed on the front. 



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