Holidays with Friends

There’s nothing more festive than the holidays! It’s a time to come together with the people you cherish most and share a meal and some quality time. But as a college student, you might want to do a bit more than eat turkey with your folks. Maybe you want to celebrate the holidays with people who are actually your own age, and who you hang out with all the time already. But how do you do that? Well, in this post I’ll tell you all the best ways to celebrate the holidays with your friends!


Okay, this one is a biggie. While the origins of the term ‘friendsgiving’ only dates back a couple of years, the concept isn’t all that new. Friendsgiving is just getting together for a big meal with your friends! It’s like Thanksgiving but hipper (and without the reminder of Native American genocide). The practice of it is simple; you invite as many friends as can fit in your apartment or whatever space you’re using, have everyone make or buy something, and then eat it together! Nothing brings people together more than food, and the camaraderie that comes with eating together makes for an epic night. And (if you’re lucky), you’ll even end up with some leftovers to take home!


Okay, I did just make this term up. But that doesn’t mean Friendsmas isn’t an awesome idea! There are three crucial parts to a Friendsmas celebration: Decorations, Christmas music, and gift exchanging. And yes, I recognize that this is very Christmas-y. Alas, this writer doesn’t have much experience with non-Christian holidays, so I can’t help much with friend-ifying other ones. But please, someone make up Friends-ukkah and Friendzaa in my stead. 

To fulfill the first requirement of Friendsmas, you have to decorate as much as you can with all your friends. Whoever’s dorm or apartment you hang out at most becomes Friendsmas HQ, and you cover that place with as many decorations you can find. Wreaths, tinsel, anything that evokes the most wonderful time of the year. And no decorating is complete without a tree! If you can spring for a real one, do it, but a nice little fake one will do. Just throw on some ornaments and top it with a star, and you’re set. Then on to phase two: the music. Your HQ should be blasting Christmas music at least 24/7. It’s the only way to get the Christmas feeling in your bones. And finally, gift exchanges! For poor college students (such as myself), a secret santa/white elephant party is your best bet. Secret Santa has you buy one really good gift for one person in a group rather than a bunch of small presents for the whole group. Inversely, white elephant parties will have you give one really silly gift to one person. White elephant parties are more about the best joke gifts than anything. They don’t have to be expensive, as long as they have heart.

Happy Friends Year!

I know, the names are getting worse and worse. But you get what I’m after! What’s better than bringing in the new year with a couple of pals, some good music, and a countdown that’s technically slightly off. This one is easy; just get together on New Year’s Eve and have a good time. Drink some sparkling cider and bring in the new year.

In the end, all you need to celebrate with friends is some friends and a holiday. The school year can be busy and frustrating, but it’s a little less frustrating when you get together with all your friends to have a good time.



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