What To Do When You’re Sick

Being sick and in college is terrible. There is nothing worse than trying to pay attention during a lecture with a raging headache. Luckily, there are plenty solutions you can utilize while on campus. But it is important to note to always consult professional medical personal first in order to understand the gravity of the situation and how to approach it.

1. Cold Packs

The university understands that the common cold is an issue on campus. In coordination with Mckinley health center, the university offers cold care packages twice per semester. The cold packs are meant to help alleviate cold symptoms:

  • decongestant to help with a stuffy nose
  • cough medicine to help relieve chest congestion
  • acetaminophen or ibuprofen (NOT BOTH) for your aches, pains, or fever
  • Halls throat lozenges for your sore throat
  • sore throat spray
  • nasal decongestant spray

More can be found on their website:


2. Teas & Lemons

In addition to medical help and cold packs, one small thing you can do to help alleviate some issues on a day-to-day is drink some tea with honey and lemons. It should be noted that this will not solve the problem but will help to offer some temporary relief.

3. Water

One of the best ways to help with illnesses especially in college is to drink lots and lots of water! Kepping your fluids up ensures that your body is well hydrated and can continue it normal everyday functions while still fighting whatever is causing that terrible cold. It also helps to temporarily alleviate some headache pains.

4. Rest

In addition to keeping those fluids up, it is important that you get lots of rest! Sleeping is great way to allow your body to heal. Moreover, it helps to stay away from strenuous activity that may worsen symptoms of the cold. It can also help to rest those eyes too! Staying away from forms of blue light can help alleviate some strain on the eye.

5. Fresh Air

Sometimes staying in the room can be a bit stuffy. Going for walks or opening up a window can help bring in some fresh air. Although this will not solve the problem, it would help bring some ventilation to a certian space and allow a fresh breate of air.

6. Communication

Communication with your professors, and friends is important. Although there is not much a professor can do, by letting them know your conditions they will probably give an extension or at least be more understanding to the issue. It is important that you give yourself the ability to rest and alleviate some of the stress on your body. Moreover, letting your friend know you are sick allows you to cancel plans if needed to ensure not only your own health but also the health of your friends.

Remember, this advice is not meant to replace the help and guidance of medical professionals, but instead offer some everyday advice you can do while on campus. Being in college and being sick is hard. But like any problem, it is something that you can over come and every little effort counts in the process.


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