How to Still Enjoy Your Last Moments of Senior Year

Congratulations, high school seniors! You’ve made it through your high school journey successfully and should be very proud! As several high school seniors get ready to make their final decisions about their post-graduation plans, I have been thinking about my own senior year in high school and how I felt during this time. Whether high school was full of the best memories or you can’t wait to get out of there, everyone grows during high school.

While seniors sadly cannot currently meet up with their friends or visit their favorite teachers and staff members, high school seniors still deserve the chance to take this time to make the most of their last few months of high school. Hopefully, these ideas inspire you all to make the most of this confusing time and create some positive memories while at home.

Set up virtual hangouts with friends.

One of the hardest parts about being quarantined right now is not being able to see the people we’re closest to, like our friends. Seeing my friends every day made high school really enjoyable. But there are still ways that you and your friends can stay connected. Scheduling weekly virtual hangouts on Zoom, Google Hangouts, or FaceTime is a great way to still see and talk to your friends when texting just isn’t doing it for you anymore.

Email your favorite faculty and staff members a thank you message.

We spend four whole years in high school, and over that time, a lot of students grow close to a staff member who they felt made their high school experience easier or more enjoyable. This is a great time to shoot this person a quick email expressing your gratitude or sending a quick thank you email to the staff members who wrote you letters of recommendation. 

Plan virtual senior year celebrations (and make in-person plans for the future).

While many senior celebrations are postponed or canceled, seniors still deserve to celebrate themselves and all of their achievements. Until the postponed events arrive, why not organize a virtual graduation party or virtual prom with your friends? This is a fun way to still spend some time with your friends while also creating the exact type of celebration you want. 

It’s also important to still give yourself something exciting to look forward to. Plan the ultimate graduation celebration with your friends for when self-quarantine is over so that you can do all of your favorite things. While you might be celebrating a tad bit later than planned, at least now you can spend extra time figuring out exactly how you want to end your high school experience.

Happy celebrating!



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