Professional and Service Fraternities at UIUC

If you’ve looked into UIUC before you know that there are literally thousands of organizations that you can join on campus. There are so many different clubs and groups that you can associate with on campus. However, if you are looking for something a little more involved, I am about to introduce you to the wonderful world of professional and service fraternities on campus.

Professional and service fraternities are selective organizations that help you try to reach your goals in the future. These frats are not frats in the traditional sense; anyone on campus can join if you are going to be an involved and good member of the organziation. I am going to introduce you to some of the organizations on campus and how they might help you in the future.

Business Frats

Business frats are possibly the most selective out of all of the professional fraternities on campus. The main goal of any business frat is to help improve your professionalism, build connections, and ultimately, to help get you a job in the future. Many business frats have networking events with alumni in various business fields where you can hear about what kinds of job they are working and if you would be interested in that in the future. Although business frats are focused on business, that doesn’t mean you need to be in the business school to join. Most business frats accept anyone from any major so long as you are interested in business.

While I might have made these clubs sound boring so far, they of course do other things as well. Many business frats also participate in service and fundraising events and also do social events occasionally. While the main goal is business and professional development, there are many other opportunities that these clubs can help you access. Business frat rush takes place a the beginning of each semester, so if you are coming to UIUC next year, be sure to keep an eye out!

Other Professional Fraternities (Law, Medical)

If you aren’t so interested in business, there are still opportunities to advance your knowledge of your dream job and meet people who are interested in the same things as you! Many other focuses have a professional fraternity or two attached to them, such as Law, Medicine, and even Veterinary Science. Most of these frats are selective like the business frats and provide great opportunities to connect with people and improve your professionalism.

On campus, I am a member of a pre-law fraternity. Speaking from personal experience, I have only been a part of it for one semester and I have had so many opportunities already. We have spoken to lawyers who have offered us internships, participated in service events, and learned about diversity and the law through even more guest speakers. I have loved being a member so much that it inspired me to write this post! I think everyone should look into a professional fraternity relating to their field.

Service Fraternities

Service fraternities are organizations that are all about, you guessed it, community service. Their main focus is to give back in any way possible to both the local community and the world at large. From what I have gathered from my friends in service fraternities, they are well connected all throughout the Champaign-Urbana area and have events and opportunities to help almost every day. If you were big on community service in high school, joining a service fraternity is a great way to keep up the streak of giving back to the world.

Professional and Service frats are both excellent ways to meet motivated and involved people at UIUC. Whether it be business, service, law, medicine, or anything else that gets you excited, I can assure you that there is a group of people who are more than ready to work hard with you at whatever it is you love.


Class of 2023
I am a sophomore studying Advertising on a Pre-Law track. I’m from Park Ridge, Illinois, about 30 minutes outside of Chicago. I've loved getting involved on campus through my job at Campus Recreation and participating in Greek Life. UIUC is my second home, and I think it should be yours, too!

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